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Monday, August 10, 2020

Quiet Book - Five Little Monkeys Finger Puppet Page

I saw this page on Pinterest and knew I had to make it!  When Kellan, the recipient of the book, was younger, he loved that song.  

I always just figure out my own patterns.  I found a picture of a bed and printed it and used that as a pattern.  My floor is a piece of corrugated felt.  The rug is a scrap of fabric from my stash.  

To make the monkeys, I think I found a monkey finger puppet pattern online.  I cut out two monkey shapes, for each monkey, then a face and tummy shape for each monkey.  Once everything was cut out, I hand sewed around the edges of the two monkey shapes (making sure to leave the bottom open).  Then I hand sewed smiles onto the face shape.  Then I hot glued the face shape and tummy shape onto the monkey shape.  Then I added tiny, sticky googly eyes to each monkey.

The windows are made out of stiffened felt. I cut large squares and then I used a utility knife to cut four small squares into them.  The stars are one of my most brilliant finds for this quiet book - scrap booking brads.  I found them at Michaels and they add so much charm and dimension!  Here is a similar product from Amazon:  

Monday, August 3, 2020

Quiet Book - Counting Page

This is my third Quiet Book to make and this is the only page that I have put in all three.  It's a fun page, it's customizable to each kid (by which buttons you choose) and it's great for learning numbers and counting. 
For this Project you'll need:
two colors of felt sheets cut to 9x9 inches*
9 different types of buttons**
sticky felt numbers - I searched everywhere for these and only found them here at Joann Fabric
Needle and embroidery thread for hand sewing the buttons
sewing machine for sewing the flaps

*I've settled on 9x9 as a good size for all my quiet book pages, but if you're doing a different size, adjust the size of the felt 

**This seems obvious, but for lower numbers, you can have larger buttons and for higher numbers you need small buttons. I bought a lot of my buttons at Joann Fabric and a few from Etsy.

One dump truck

Two trains

Three cupcakes

Four paws

Five donuts (I think the flap closed right before I took my picture!)

Six pizza slices

Seven ducks

Eight reindeer

Nine cars

Step One - cut the felt sheet you're using for the flaps into nine equal squares
Step Two - Machine sew the flaps onto the page.  I like to use zigzag stitch for extra security
Step Three - put the felt number stickers on the flaps
Step Four - Hand sew the buttons under the corresponding flaps

This is actually a good page to start with because it comes together pretty quickly and it's very rewarding!  Maybe the most fun part about this page is to pick buttons!  

If you're making a quiet book, buying an assortment of felt is a good place to start!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Family Marker Challenge

My niece Hadley came up with the idea of having a family marker challenge - drawing a specific subject, with markers, in a specified amount of time.  Previously we had done Toy Story characters and gingerbread houses.  This time we settled on SpongeBob characters.  We were allowed to look at pictures while we were drawing.  We had a great time - I definitely suggest trying it with your family.  This can even be done remotely, if you're still quarantining.  (Never thought I'd be using that word, as a verb, in my blog.)  I LOVE how unique each one is

SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Gary the Snail

Squidward Tentacles

SpongeBob's House

Sandy Cheeks

Mr. Krabs

Try this, have fun with it,  - you can do SpongeBob characters or choose your own subject - and post it with the hashtag #FamilyMarkerChallenge  



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