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Monday, May 20, 2019

Alternate Ending to the Game of Thrones Series Finale

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Like most fans, I wasn't fully satisfied with the finale and decided to write my own alternate ending.

Tyrion looks for Jamie and finds Jamie and Cersei, under the pile of rubble, unconscious but alive. Both are revived and brought before Queen Daenerys. Dany tells the crowd they’re her two greatest enemies - Jamie killed her father and Cersei her best friend.  She says, "If I were to show mercy and spare one of the Lannister twins- which should it be? She asks Jamie and Cersei. Jamie immediately says spare Cersei. Cersei gets mean and says, "kill my pathetic brother who isn’t a whole person, and while you’re at it, kill my brother Tyrion as well." Dany gets angry and has Dracarys burn Cersei.  Tyrion steps in front of Jamie and begs his life be spared.  Dany gets angry and has them both taken to a cell.

Jon confronts Dany about murdering the innocents in the city and asks her to pardon Tyrion.  She flys into a rage and sentences him to death. She sends word that all the houses should come to Kings Landing to witness the executions and bend the knee.  Everyone comes, hoping to find a way to save Jon and Tyrion.  Dany asks if they have any final words.  Jamie says simply, "I'm sorry." [We see by his gaze it's directed to Brienne, rather than Dany.]  For his final words, Tyrion reminds Dany that her enemies are conquered and urges peace and mercy going forward. Jon asks that she spare Tyrion’s life and keep him as her advisor. She says because she loved Jon, she’ll grant his request. Tyrion is freed. It’s time to kill Jon and we see the faces of all who love and respect him.  This crowd is interspersed with flashbacks of Sansa and Arya seeing their father executed. But neither are powerless any more. Sansa has brought a team of north men that are repelling over the walls ready to attack Dany and rescue Jon.  Arya is in hiding and gets to Dany before the north men, but a moment too late- Dany says, "Dracarys" and then Arya slits her throat. Jon is burned. We see fire...then Jon walks out of the fire just like Dany did. Rumors start flying in the crowd- this is the second time he’s come back from the dead, only a Targaryen could survive that fire. Jon’s true name is whispered. And then Dracarys bows his head in submission to Jon. And starting with Tyrion, Northerners, all the Westerosi, Dothraki and finally the Unsullied bend the knee to Jon (Ageon Targaryen).

At a celebratory feast, Jon dismantles the monarchy and says each territory is free to govern itself and pledge to be part of a union of independent territories at peace, with his job to visit each territory once a year to ensure fair rule and peace continue.  Flashes of how this affects people. The North (home to Winterfell) elects Sansa their ruler, the Vale (home to The Eyrie) elects Robyn Arryn, which makes some nervous, the Stormlands elect Brienne and Jamie is at her side, the Reach elects Samwell Tarly, the Westerlands elect Tyrion, the Iron Islands elect Yara, and Dorne, elects Bronn, who likes the idea of living someplace warm and being the leader of a province.

In the end we see Jon flying Dracarys and meeting with each of these rulers, traveling with him everywhere is Arya, his chosen protector.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Directed Drawing Activity - Watercolor Snowman

I hosted a Christmas dinner for one of my Bible Study groups this year and I wanted to plan a creative activity for us to do in between dinner and opening presents.  A few years ago a friend told me that her family did one of these and had a lot of fun with it and I've wanted to try one ever since.  In reality, I found it online as a project for elementary students but I think it's a fun grownup activity as well!

For this Project You'll Need:
watercolor paper
watercolor paints
paint brushes
foam brush (optional)
black sharpie
cup of water
something to protect your table surface

Here are the instructions:

I read the instructions and we each drew our snowmen.

Then we traced our drawings with a black Sharpie.

Then we got to work painting with watercolors!  The main thing the instructions emphasize is to paint the background a bright color, which will make the snowman pop.  We used foam brushes to paint the background, which made it really easy.

And then the fun part is to compare them - we all received the exact same instructions, but they each look extremely different and each is adorable in it's own way!

I love mine snowman art!

Monday, January 7, 2019


I make New Year's Resolutions every year because I think it's good for me, at least once a year, to take inventory of my life and think about the things I'd like to do better.  I write them on a post-it and stick it to my work computer where I'll see it often.  I think it's smart to make achievable, quantifiable goals.  Some of mine in past years have been things like - exercise three nights a week for at least 20 minutes, drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day, pay $150 on my credit card bill every month.  Last year I set the goal to read the Bible in a year.  I made it a couple months.  Some of these resolutions I kept, but most I didn't.  I think that's ok.  I think it's still good to strive to be better. 

This year I didn't choose to set my usual quantifiable resolutions.  I called the list "2019 Focus".  Here's my list:
1. Laugh more
2. Sleep more
3. Spend less time watching TV or playing on my phone and use that time to read, create, blog, organize)
4. Take steps of faith, wherever God leads.
5. Organize my closet room (which could take the entire year)
6. Eat salad as a meal at least once a week
7. Spend time with God daily


Along with Resolutions, I also choose a theme verse each year and I have loved doing so.  It's written on a post-it, next to my goals.  My theme verses each year have helped me through challenging times, encouraged me and come to life.  I really encourage you to choose a theme verse for 2019.  I created this poster that I hung in my office.

Theme verse

mustard seed by lyndileigh

I also want to look back at 2018 - these were my post popular blogs last year - check them out!

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Thank you for reading my blog!!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Table

Last year was my first Christmas in my new house and I was super excited to host Christmas lunch for my family!

My overall Christmas theme was black and white and stars - so I carried that into the table setting.  I made my own place mats with black and white card stock and gold metallic paper stars and put each person's name on the place mat.  I kept the centerpiece simple - greenery, pine cones and a mason jar with a white candle.  I found star napkins at Target and I bought black disposable salad plates.

 When I'm hosting - I like to think about all the senses.  I wanted a Christmas scent, so I had these things simmering on the stove and I had Handel's Messiah playing.

To add whimsy (and because I've always thought these would be fun to try, since reading about them in the Harry Potter series) I bought some Christmas crackers at this adorable shop in town: Love of Character.  They each had a toy, a joke and a gold paper crown.

For the menu, I had salad, ham and potato casserole, rolls and my mom brought a chocolate creme pie dessert.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Cookies for Santa - Quiet Book

For this Project you'll need:
1 sheet of the following colors: dark blue, medium green, light brown, medium brown, yellow, white, red, light green
needle and thread
sewing machine

Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Each year I've gotten in the habit of coming up with a new look and theme for my Christmas tree.  You can see last year's Farmhouse Black and White Plaid tree here and 2016's O Holy Night/Plaid theme here and if you scroll through the whole post 2015's chalkboard/red theme here.

This year my theme inspiration is snow, white, peaceful, candlelight, "All is calm, All is bright". 

So I started researching how to add snow to my tree.  I owe a debt of gratitude to bloggers I found that tried different methods and discovered if you buy a spray snow can in the store, it will end up looking like spray paint.  My research led me to SnoFlock, which I bought on Amazon - it looks like this and you can buy it here.  I bought the 2 lb. bag and that was perfect (my tree is about 5-6 feet tall and pretty full).

For this Project You'll Need:
a tree (as far as I know, it works on real or artificial)
a spray bottle full of water
the instructions tell you to use a sifter, but I'll explain below that it's not necessary
a face mask
a throwaway glove (optional)

Something about it seems scary or overwhelming, but it's not - you can do it!  I started with a live tree.  Everything says to do it outside.  Luckily it was nice enough on Black Friday that I was able to do that.  I put the tree in its stand and put it on my patio.  I started with a small amount on a test branch.

 I loved how it looked but it felt like it would take forever.

I also wasn't sure how well the 2 lb bag would cover the tree, so I tried to use it conservatively at the beginning.

I was in a race with the sunset (and dinner plans) so I got braver and early on I quit using the sifter - that really would have taken forever.  I used one hand to pull a handful of snow dust out of the bag and then had the spray bottle in the other hand.  You have to spray the branches before dropping the snow on; then spray the powder as you're dropping it; then spray the top of it.  All this adheres the powder to the tree.  When I got braver, I started grabbing big handfuls out of the bag.  Using your hand really adds precision, you can add snow or build up snow exactly where you want it.

I was loving it - it was turning out exactly how I wanted.  I felt like I was in a snowy Colorado ski lodge!

I thought it was very realistic looking!

I pulled it in through the sliding glass doors and getting it settled some powder fell out but not too much.  I think from start to finish it took me about 2 hours.  

Then I added lights and candle lights and was so happy with it, I considered not even adding decorations.

But I ended up loving the decorations once they were on!  The big white puff balls you see I found in the Target Dollar Spot (for $5 per set) and they were play snowballs for kids.  I used a needle and strung them on fishing line to create a garland.

I'm very happy with it - it's snowy and magical!



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