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Friday, December 3, 2021

Merry Christmas

Welcome to the digital part of my Christmas card!
December is all about soaking up the joy, magic and meaning of the season.


Thankful for my family and the time we get to spend together.

Mom and I took a trip to Hugoton over Labor Day - our first time out of Wichita in over a year! 

Hadley and Kellan got to visit Wichita and we had a great time swimming, introducing them to garage sales, doing crafts, playing games and playing with cousins!

Henry and Marlowe had a joint swimming pool birthday party and everyone agreed it was SO FUN!  Henry played baseball and in July, his team won the championship!  Mom and I got to spend the 4th holiday with Jordan, Hadley and Kellan and had a lot of fun.  I made my first charcuterie board - red, white and blue themed.


Mom and I invited Hadley, Henry, Kellan, Gia and Marlowe to Cousin Camp at our house in June.  We had activities planned the entire day.  We even had t-shirts made for all attendees!  It was great fun and also extremely exhausting!




In May we had fun picking out and planting flowers.

In April, we celebrated Gia's birthday with a pink bounce house and 
Jordan's birthday with a shark theme.

I picked out a purple outfit for Gia's birthday gift because that's her favorite color and she's into fashion.

In April I turned 42, we celebrated my birthday, Mom's birthday and Kellan's birthday, with a Jurassic World dinosaur themed party.  Also we watched a lot of basketball! #GoShox #TorontoRaptors

In February I was super into baking Amish Friendship Bread from starter dough that I got from a friend at work.  It was a good month to stay in and bake!

My New Year's Resolution was to encourage the people around me.  Every two weeks I encouraged a different person.  It was a great experience and made the year go really fast, in some respects.  I sent one of these cards to every person I encouraged.  In January we celebrated Hadley, with a Roblox themed birthday party and Laura at a lovely dinner she hosted. 




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