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Monday, May 19, 2014

░▒▓ Outdoor Metal Chairs Get a New Look ▓▒░

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I love a good transformation!  Here's all the steps in between:

These chairs, I believe they're called motel chairs, belonged to my grandparents originally.  Everything I've read says you can buy these kind of chairs now, but they don't make them as sturdy as they used to - so look for them at antique stores and garage sales! 

I think they were a faded pink when my parents received them.  My parents painted them hunter green, to match the trim of their house in the 90s.  My mom and I decided, it's time for the chairs to get a makeover! 

The first item (for us) was to choose the new paint color.  We considered red, navy, yellow and turquoise.  We ended up buying Maui Blue:

Then after a bunch of emails, deliberating and sleepless nights, we returned Maui Blue and settled on Satin Aqua and decided we wanted white arms.

For this project you'll need:

Deglosser (wayyyy easier than sanding)
2 cans of Rust-oleum spray primer
2 cans of Rust-oleum spray paint (color)
1 can of Rust-oleum spray paint in white
spray nozzle (they are only $3-4 and 100% worth it)
mask (probably a good idea -  I didn't wear one, but I'm thinking I should have)
tarp to protect the ground
trash bags, scissors and tape - if you're doing the arms a different color than the seat [see below]

We discovered (from reading the instructions) that everything needed to be done in one sitting.  So on Mother's Day, we went to work.

Step 1 - Clean the chairs to remove dirt and debris.
Step 2 - Use the deglosser, as instructed.  (We know we're weird, but we loved how it smelled!)

Step 3 - Spray the chairs with 2 coats of primer.

Step 4 - Cut about 3 trash bags into 4 inch strips and wrap/tape the strips around the arms.

Step 5 - Spray the chairs with 2 coats of paint.

Step 6 - Remove the strips and use new trash bags to cover all of the newly painted seat/back of the chair.

Step 7 - Paint the arms white.

Yea!!! You're finished - and the chairs look amazing!!!

Step 8 - Post photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your favorite blog Lyndi's Projects, so everyone you know can see how amazing they look - then sit back and enjoy!!!

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  2. I'm so glad that you posted this! I just bought 4 metal clam shell chairs for (wait for it...) less than $40 at a yard sale! I was just doing a search on how to overhaul them when I found your page.

    Thanks so much for the advice, and be sure to look for them in an upcoming blog post at www.thewritesteph.com!





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