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Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy DIY Headboard

I recently redecorated my bedroom in gray and white. I decided to use barn wood as the headboard, to bring in color and texture and to add an architectural element to a plain apartment. But I saw one problem with that plan - I didn't want to lean against rough barn wood. So I decided to make a headboard that would coordinate in color, but would be a fantastic textural contrast to the barn wood. I started with a foam core board and cut it to the size I wanted.
Then I needed several yards of batting.
I chose a shimmery gray fabric for the textural contrast. (This is actually an inexpensive curtain panel from Walmart)
Then I laid everything out on the floor, fabric face down, then the batting, then the foam core board.
Then I got out my staple gun and went to work stapling the edges.
The result of adding this easy DIY headboard is an expensive-looking, layered look!

1 comment:

  1. nice job, lyndi! that's a good idea to go with a curtain panel instead of buying by the yard.




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