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Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful Bedroom Canopy - Thank you Pinterest!

Pinterest Inspiration Pics:
You'll Need:
3 curtain rods (mine were $5 each at Walmart)
6 yards of white, gauzy fabric
First - make sure your bed is in it's final position in the room. 
Second - mount the curtain rods to the ceiling on each side and the foot of the bed. 
Third - cut the fabric into 6 panels.  Cut the six yards in half, to make two panels of 3 yards each.  Then measure and cut the width of the two panels into thirds.  My panels ended up being approx. 19.5 inches wide.  For the length, measure your floor to ceiling.  Add 4.5 inches for hemming.
Fourth - hem the two sides and bottom of the panels. 

For the top, fold two inches, then fold two inches again and hem near the bottom.  This creates an opening to thread the curtain onto the curtain rod.

Fifth - Hang your curtains and enjoy your beautiful faux canopy bed.



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