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Monday, February 24, 2014

▼▼DIY Banner▼▼

This banner is so easy to make - you could make one for every occasion! 
For this Project you'll need:
washi tape
craft paper
Step 1 - Choose a word and print each letter using the font, size and shape you want.
Step 2 - Cover the entire letter with washi tape.

Step 3 - Cut out each letter.
Step 4 - Cut out a banner shape from your craft paper, one for each letter of your word.  I printed a triangle as my template.  I also folded my craft paper and cut only 2 sides, so my banner would fold over my string.
Step 4 - Attach the letters to the banner pieces.  Since my glue stick is dried out, I used mod podge. (Don't worry, the mod podge will dry clear.)   Any glue or tape would work, but my letters were pretty thin for tape.
Step 5 - Fold each banner piece over your string.  I used yellow baker's twine.  You can glue or staple or tape them in place, but I decided to sew across the top of each banner piece.
It turned out so cute!  What word would you choose to make into a banner?

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