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Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Your Own Easter Basket!

This project is an easy-to-make woven paper basket that can be used for Easter, May Day or any other special occasion!  This was actually really fun to make and kind of amazing you start with strips of paper and end up with a basket! 
For this project you'll need:
approx. 15 colorful strips of paper 1x12 inches
double stick tape
Stetp 1:  Lay out four strips of paper
Step 2:  Weave four strips of paper through the first four, going over then under.  The woven part should form a square in the center.
Step 3:  Fold up the sides.
Step 4:  Begin weaving strips through the sides, using double stick tape, occasionally.  There should be 3 rows high of paper woven through the sides.
Step 5:  Fold the remaining paper down, on the inside and tape down with regular tape. 

Step 6:  Use one strip to make a handle and tape down to the inside.
Step 7:  Fill with Easter grass and Easter candy!! I made my own Easter grass with curling ribbon.

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