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Monday, June 9, 2014

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower

My sister Laura chose a teddy bear theme for her soon-to-be-born baby boy, so we thought that would be a perfect theme for her baby shower!


I designed the invitations, based on Laura's inspiration for her nursery - a teddy bear mobile.  I used an actual picture of it in the invitation! 
We decided to ask people to bring a book, rather than a card, to help them start their library (which made sense, as it is their first baby and my sister is an English teacher who loves books).  If I did it again, I would have made cute labels for the books and had the guests fill them out and stick in their books.  I also would have had my sister fill out an Amazon baby registry and put plenty of books on there and that would help prevent duplicates.  Even if you don't ultimately buy it on Amazon, I believe you can mark it off the list to prevent duplicates.     

how to make teddy bear cupcakes, bear face cupcakes, nilla wafer bear cupcakes

how to make a baby out of fruit, fruit salad

My sister Jordan was in charge of food.  She made the adorable bear cupcakes, which can be found on Pinterest (although these turned out cuter than the others I've seen).  We brought teddy grahams (on-theme) and crème puffs (a favorite of Laura's).  My mom made this amazingly cute fruit baby carriage, also Pinterest.  And we had cheese and summer sausage on skewers.  We had blue punch (the recipe where you add ice cream - we didn't love it) and iced tea.


 1. You get two minutes to name as many famous bears as you can.  The person with the most, gets a prize!  Free printable for this game!

2. Guess the Size of the Baby Bump - Let each guest cut a piece of yarn in the length they think the baby bump is.  Remember to label the pieces with each guests name.  Washi tape and a marker work great for this.  Use a piece of yarn to measure the baby bump and then compare.  The person closest gets a prize!
3. Label 10 gift bags with the following letters: BABY SHOWER.  Fill each bag with a baby item that begins with that letter.  Let guests guess what common baby item is in each bag.  The person with the most right, wins a prize!

fun game for a baby shower, baby shower guessing game
Great prizes include candles, hand soap or lotion, notecards, pens, small gift cards, bracelets, chap stick, gum, candy, nail polish, cups, mugs, etc.


baby shower fabric strip backdrop

My sisters - both looking beautiful - posing in front of the fabric strip backdrop!
We had a few teddy bears around the room, crepe paper, balloons and the fabric strip backdrop - which will be explained in next Monday's blog post!

teddy bear baby shower

We made blue frosted sugar cookies for the guests to take home.

Two of my favorite gifts were a diaper carriage (made entirely of diapers and useful items) made by my mom:

baby shower gift, baby shower diaper carriage, diaper creation

and a scripture quilt from the baby's Aunt and her mom - I loved when they said, "your baby will literally be wrapped in the Word of God":

An Amazon registry is a super easy way for guests to see what the family really needs.

The shower was a success - everyone seemed to enjoy it and Laura and Josh were really blessed by the love and thoughtfulness of the guests!


  1. Wow! So cute theme. Was looking for some great idea for my sister’s baby shower at one of seattle venues. Loved your teddy bear theme. Will be using it for celebration. Will take some help from a friend who is an event planner. Want to make this day fabulous.

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