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Monday, December 8, 2014

3 Different DIY Christmas Ornaments

1. Photo Cube Ornaments
I found this blank, cardboard, block ornament at Hobby Lobby and bought it to see what creative idea I could come up with to decorate it.  I decided on making it a photo cube of my niece and nephew and giving it to my mom. 
Step 1: I chose the photos and sized them to the cube, as well as de-saturated them.
Step 2: Cut out the photos.
Step 3: I painted the cube burgundy, to match my mom's tree theme this year.
Step 4: I used mod podge to paste the pictures onto the cube.

2. Chalkboard Ornaments - Chalkboard is part of my Christmas theme this year, so I decided to make some chalkboard ornaments.  I bought a pack of blank wooden circles from Michaels.  I spray-painted them with chalkboard paint and I designed some chalkboard looks in Word, mostly using Christmas song lyrics.  Then I printed and cut them out and laid them over the painted wooden circles. 
Then I traced over the design with a pen.  This is how it looked.
Then I went over the design with a chalk marker.  Some turned out good, some are a little messy, but overall - they covey the "chalkboard look" I was going for! 

3. Burlap Stamped Ornaments
I found these little burlap bags in the dollar bins at Michaels (2 bags for $1).  I really liked them and felt like they went along with my Christmas theme this year.  So I bought them without a clear idea of what I'd be doing with them.

I used the same round wooden craft circles that I used for the chalkboard ornaments.

Once I got home, I decided to cut up the burlap sacks and glue them onto the wooden circles to make ornaments.  I used hot glue to glue the back down and then added a ribbon to make them into ornaments.  Voila! 

This post is not so much a tutorial about how to make these ornaments, but more a reminder to keep your eyes open to elements that can be re-worked into what you need.  Especially things found on sale, in the dollar bins or at a thrift store. 

Which DIY ornament is your favorite?

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