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Monday, January 19, 2015

Minnie Mouse Birthday Centerpiece

My sister kept my niece Hadley's birthday simple this year - just immediate family, at McDonalds, with a cake.  But she knows I like projects and so she let me create a centerpiece for the party.  She was going with a Minnie Mouse theme, so that's where I started. 

I browsed Pinterest and online for ideas.  I love the process of absorbing inspiration and then creating something.  Love it! 

After browsing - here is my concept and list of things to do and get (for your amusement!). The general idea (as drawn below) was to get a little pink bucket, some white dot stickers, either cute straws or painted skewers, crinkle filler and Instagram pictures of Hadley, along with one of the free printables I found online in the center.  I ordered the Instagram pics from Walgreens - which is so great - you can upload them directly from Instagram and then pick them up later that day and they're cute square prints.

Here's the before pic of the pink bucket and white stickers!

After!  So cute and very Minnie!

As everyone who has done a project knows, sometimes things don't come together exactly as you'd envisioned.  I realized I was thinking the pictures would be 2x2 inches, but were actually 4x4 inches and way too big to put several in the bucket, so I kept the Minnie Mini Topiaries simple.  The white dot stickers worked perfect - to mimic Minnie's dress.  Then I had some Styrofoam balls in my craft supplies, so I cut 1/3 off, to give it a flat edge and used double stick tape to tape it down to the bottom.  Then I stuck the cute pink straws in.  Then I used double stick tape to tape the 4 printables together and to the straw.  Then I filled the bucket with crinkle filler. 

Minnie Mouse topiary

Then, I had all these adorable Instagram photos of the beautiful birthday girl, so I decided to make table tents to display them.  This turned out really easy and perfect for our event. I just cut 12x12 scrap book paper into strips of 4.5x12.  Then folded them in half, then I folded about 1.75 inches of the bottom inward.  I used double stick tape to add the photos on both sides. It was great that they could fold flat to travel and they stood up really well on the table once there.

photo table tents, Minnie Mouse topiary

It was a lovely celebration of a very special little girl.  Happy Birthday Hadley!!!

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