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Monday, August 3, 2015

Quiet Book Part 5 - Sock Matching Page

activity book for kids, sock matching page

What Quiet Book would be complete without a matching page?

I found this idea on a blog called Imagine Our Life and used their pattern:

This was possibly the most time consuming page.  I made three of each sock design, then sewed two of those together, with a magnet in between them and then sewed one to the page with a  magnet behind it.  I used regular strength button magnets found at Michael's, and they're not quite strong enough.  Michael's also had "super strong" magnets, that I used for the fishing page, which I think would've worked better with this page as well.  http://www.michaels.com/pro-mag-neodymium-magnets-.5%22/10382640.html#q=magnets&start=42


As I'm posting this blog, I remembered that I wanted to find a couple fun buttons for the washing machine.  #workinprogress
 Hope you all have a great day!

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