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Monday, January 30, 2017

DIY Trolls Hair

To celebrate my niece Hadley's 5th birthday, she chose a Trolls theme.  Since a Troll's hair is it's most recognizable characteristic, I decided to make Troll hair as a photo prop/party favor.  Kind of amazing to me is that there were no tutorials on the Internet (except one by Michael's out of strips of felt)

So I was on my own to create the most realistic Trolls hair I could. I searched fabric stores looking for faux fur and found a great selection at JoAnn's.

I think I bought 1/4 yard of each kind. As the person was cutting them in the store - fur was getting EVERYWHERE - that is the biggest drawback to this project.  I figured out any time you make a cut, it's best to stand over a trashcan and run your hand along the recently cut edge, pulling out any loose fur into the trashcan.

My next dilemma was how big to make them, so I asked my entire family to measure their head circumference.  I even sent them this chart.  But I got no responses. lol!!!

So I went with my head measurement, which was 24 inches and made some a few inches bigger and smaller.

My next problem to solve was what shape to cut out of the fabric to get a cone shaped hat of hair that was also the right height.  I cut out several trials and they didn't quite work.  I just couldn't visualize what I needed.  Then I found this handy blog and geometry type graphic that helped me visualize what I needed.

I didn't worry about the bottom edge, I just put the two edges together to form a cone shape and sewed right sides together.

For the pink hair - which was Poppy in the movie - I added her headband out of felt cut out freehand and hot glued on.  

They turned out great and everyone had fun with them at the party!

This is Hadley and I.  She loved pretending she was Poppy.  I was sitting on the floor during the party, wearing this hair and she came up to me and said hi Satin - where is your other one?  So adorable!!

 (Satin and Chenille in the movie)


  1. Hi Lyndi! This is such a fabulous idea! :) Referring to the cone chart, did you draw up the plans for the tall skinny come?


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. No - once I figured out the shape I needed I just kind of eyeballed it!




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