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Monday, July 16, 2018

Guest Room Planning

Lately I've been obsessed with pulling together my Guest Room/Library.  A couple months ago I bought a bed frame from Facebook marketplace and fixed it up, but that's the only thing in the room, currently.

I'm trying to come to a decision about whether to leave the room a light gray, which matches the entire rest of my upstairs, or paint it a bright white, which is what I had in mind for the space.  I'll probably paint it...but I need to be sure in my mind before I start.

This is the inspiration board I've put together:

The words I associate with this room are: guest room, black and white, triangles, bright, colorful, splash of color, books, library, reading room, youthful, comfortable, welcoming, happy

My next steps are:
decide if I want to paint, choose a paint color, paint
get a mattress, comfy chair, bookcase(s), and night stand
punch out vinyl triangles and arrange them on one wall
add textiles - curtains with homemade tassels, bedding, rug, pillows
style the room - books, lamps, wall decor

I'm excited for it to come together and to share it here and with any guests I may have!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Window Boxes

I've lived in my house for less than a year and I LOVE that my house has window boxes, but I'm still figuring out what looks good in them and what to do with them each season.  Summer is the first season that has really worked.  I love pulling up to my house every day and seeing them!

Here they are empty in May, with the plants I picked out ready to be planted.

Newly planted

 About 2 weeks later - some really good progress

About 2 weeks later - looking amazing

The last week in June, I added this bunting and the flowers and plants went crazy (I did start using Miracle Gro liquid fertilizer - linked above) and I loved them even more.

Then I got new solar lanterns added and loved it even more!!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Monday, June 25, 2018

DIY Succulent Wreath

My friend asked me to make a wreath for her front door - she didn't give me any parameters, so I had fun coming up with something!  She's super into succulents, so I knew that would be perfect.

For this project you'll need:
Flat Styrofoam wreath form
saran wrap
faux succulents
a wooden or chipboard word
paint (I used spray paint)
floral wire
wire cutters
fishing line
jute cord

Step 1:  Wrap your wreath form in saran plastic wrap.  This keeps the yarn from cutting into the foam.

Step 2: Wrap your wreath form with the yarn.  I discovered on a blog that it works well to cut long strands of yarn (I did 5-6 at a time), knot them and then wrap (obviously leaving the knots at the back).  When I got to the end of the string, I would tape it in the back as well.

Step 3:  Lay out the word and succulents to get an idea of what you want the wreath to look like.

Step 4:  Spray paint the word you chose.  I chose the word "welcome" and a glossy aqua spray paint. The paint didn't stick that well to the chipboard word, I think either using spray paint/wood word or brushed on acrylic paint/chipboard would be better combinations.

Step 5:  Cut the stem pieces off the succulents, leaving about a half inch that can be stuck into the foam.  Use the floral wire to wrap around the leaves of the succulents and then twist/tie them onto the foam.

Step 6:  Use fishing line to tie the word to the wreath form.  I didn't do this, but using glue dots under the word might be a good idea too.

Step 7:  Tie a piece of jute around the top of the wreath form, as a wreath hanger and then enjoy your new wreath!

Monday, June 18, 2018

DIY Tie Dye American Flag T-Shirts

I think this would be super fun for an extended family to make together and then plan to wear on the 4th of July!

For this project you'll need:
Dye in red and blue
zip ties
fabric glitter (optional)

Step 1:  You can get the t-shirt wet or leave it dry.  
Step 2:  Gather the shirt into a line and place zip ties every two inches, leaving about 4 inches at the end for the blue part of the flag.

Spray the tie dye - blue at the end and then alternate red and white (no tie dye on the white sections).

Then let dry completely.

Then follow the instructions on the tie dye - which is to "set" the color by drying for 20.

Then we added spray glitter for fun!

Here is the result - 

If you make one - post a pic on your social media with the hashtag #FlagTieDye

Monday, May 7, 2018

How To Paint a Metal Bed Frame

For my guestroom, I searched Pinterest for inspiration and knew I wanted a bed frame that looked like this:

Or like this:

So I kept an eye on Facebook Marketplace and found a few options and found this listed for sale and decided this was it.

I didn't like the gold and there were a lot of areas where the paint had been chipped off, so I knew I would need to refinish it.  One of the reasons I'm doing this post is because I couldn't find that many online tutorials.

Step one was to obtain the bed.  (Which I did, thanks to the help of my parents!) Step two was to get all the materials.

I stood in the paint aisle in Menards FOREVER. In fact, here is my FB post from that day, explaining.
Here are the paints I was debating between.

I always love the look of satin, but I hadn't really painted metal before. For some reason I was worried it would look dull. So that's why I bought the metallic initially and then ended up with satin finish - which turned out to be perfect and exactly what I wanted.

From Menards, I bought:

medium sander
Krud Kutter deglosser
2 tarps
4 cans of the satin finish spray paint
paint handle (which is TOTALLY worth buying)

I should have bought a painting mask, because I could tell it affected my sinuses not wearing one.

Step three is to prep.  So, I carried each piece to my driveway and filled a bucket with water and dishsoap and got out my gloves and an old washrag and cleaned every piece, making sure to get dirt out of detail/crevice areas.

Then I tried both the deglosser and sanding on two different parts and I recommend sanding.  It's easier and I thought it prepped the pieces better.  And it saves you money to only buy one thing.

After sanding, you need to wipe everything down, I think I used a clean microfiber cloth.

Then I started spraying - following the instructions on the can.  A light coat 8-10 inches away.  Slow back and forth motion.  Ok to do the second a few minutes after the first.  I could tell immediately I made the right choice on the finish.

Then I dragged the tarps into the garage and let them cure for 24 hours.

I actually spread the painting out over two days.  The first day was perfect.  The second day had wind speeds of 25 mph - which was NOT GOOD.  First it blows the paint away from it's target, not coating evenly and making you use more paint.  Second, it blows junk onto your paint.  Make sure you check wind speeds before you start painting.

Then I carried each piece into my guestroom and put it together and it's SO EXCITING!  I haven't bought a mattress for it yet, it'll be a work in progress for a while, but it feels good to have this first step accomplished!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Monthly Baby Photo Display

My niece Gia turns 1 tomorrow and we celebrated her birthday this weekend.  As her Aunt/Personal Photographer, I've taken a growth picture of her every month since she was born.  And that wasn't always easy, since I moved in the middle of the year and my camera was packed for about 2 months!  

For her party I was excited to find a fun way to display her photos - it's pretty amazing to see how she's grown!  So I found this inspiration picture on Pinterest.

This is one of those projects that looks simple to put together, but really is several little projects in one.

For this project you'll need:
a frame (I would have loved an old window with more character, but I ended up just using a frame I had)
numbers - which were harder to find than I expected.  I found these at Michael's
tiny clothes pins (12)
glue dots (or your preferred sticking method)
felt for flowers (whatever color(s) you want)
felt for leaves - I really wanted to find a moss green color for my leaves, but I looked at Hobby Lobby and Michael's and they just have deep forest green, normal green and lime green)
ribbon - I used pink ribbon to hang the numbers/photos and green ribbon for the flower garland
hot glue gun

To make the flowers I first cut a circle.  For the large flowers, I used a whole sheet of felt and just cut as large a circle as possible.  You can use anything as a template - a bowl, CD, cup, etc.

Then I spiral cut the circle, freehand with a wavy cut.  Leaving a small circle at the center.

Then I started from the outside of the circle and wrapped it around each other.    You're supposed to hot glue as you go, but I was doing it while watching TV and just wrapped them without gluing.  They stayed together fine and then I hot glued them later, just some of the outside layers and the circle to the bottom.

I cut leaves freehand.  It's ok if they have a non-uniform, organic shape!

To put everything together, I laid everything out.

I cut 3 strands of the pink ribbon to be a couple inches longer than the edge of the frame.

Then I used glue dots to stick the numbers to the corresponding pictures.

Then I used the clothes pins to pin the numbers to the ribbon.  Then taped the ribbon to the edge of the frame.

Then I hung the frame on the wall so I could create the flower garland on the frame.  I cut a long strip of green ribbon and taped it to the frame.

Then, using hot glue, I added placed flowers and leaves on the garland.  And, of course, burned my fingers because I have a super hot mini glue gun. 

I was excited with how it turned out!



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