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Monday, February 24, 2014

▼▼DIY Banner▼▼

This banner is so easy to make - you could make one for every occasion! 
For this Project you'll need:
washi tape
craft paper
Step 1 - Choose a word and print each letter using the font, size and shape you want.
Step 2 - Cover the entire letter with washi tape.

Step 3 - Cut out each letter.
Step 4 - Cut out a banner shape from your craft paper, one for each letter of your word.  I printed a triangle as my template.  I also folded my craft paper and cut only 2 sides, so my banner would fold over my string.
Step 4 - Attach the letters to the banner pieces.  Since my glue stick is dried out, I used mod podge. (Don't worry, the mod podge will dry clear.)   Any glue or tape would work, but my letters were pretty thin for tape.
Step 5 - Fold each banner piece over your string.  I used yellow baker's twine.  You can glue or staple or tape them in place, but I decided to sew across the top of each banner piece.
It turned out so cute!  What word would you choose to make into a banner?

Monday, February 17, 2014

♥DIY Heart Bunting Note Card♥

This is a very easy DIY project that uses up scrap paper and is ADORABLE! 
For this project you'll need:
colorful scrap paper
a heart punch
a blank notecard
glue or mod podge
sewing machine

If you want to print text on your card, do that first.
Punch out your hearts - I used 9.

Then arrange them and set into place with a tiny bit of glue or mod podge.  I used a pencil eraser to put a dot of glue on the heart.
Then use your sewing machine to sew a line through the tops of the hearts.

If you ♥ these - they are available in my Etsy Shop TheBurlapFlower!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift - Make Your Own Lottery Ticket

On this site, you can find a downloadable customizable template and an instruction video.
I know how much my sister Jordan loves lottery tickets, so I decided to make one for her!
Here is how mine turned out:

For this project you'll need:
liquid dishwashing soap
metallic acryllic paint
flat paint brush
contact paper

Using the customizable template , fill in the hearts with prizes (that you're prepared to give), then print in color.

 Print the template again, on plain paper and cut the hearts out.  Cut a strip of contact paper.

Trace the hearts on the paper side of the contact paper.  To make the scratch-off solution, mix 2 parts metallic acrylic paint with 1 part dishwashing liquid.

Using a small, flat paintbrush, apply a thin coat of the scratch-off solution onto the front side of the contact paper and let dry for an hour. Repeat with a second coat; add a third coat if your paint looks streaky.

Then cut out the hearts (making a heart sticker) and peel off the backing and stick the hearts onto the cardstock.
FYI, Jordan was too curious to know what was underneath all the hearts, so she had to scratch all of them!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Gift Basket

I love putting together a baby gift basket as a baby shower gift.  I think it looks fun and I like that instead of spending money on a bag, tissue paper and card that they will throw away, you can buy a basket or container that they can use.

Here's how to put one together.

1. Pick a theme for your basket.  My favorite is yellow/rubber duck/bath time, but I've also done a pink or blue theme.  If you know the nursery theme, you could choose that too.

2.  Pick a container that goes with your theme and could be useful to the recipient.  My containers have come from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Target - home section, dollar section, craft section, garden section - you just have to keep your eyes open for unique possibilities and sales!

3. Find items to fill the basket with, related to the theme.  For the duck theme basket, I like to get towels, washcloths, Johnson's bath products and a rubber duck (they make ducks that will tell you if the water is too hot, so the duck is cute AND useful!).  Bathrobes, slippers and bath toys would also be fun to add.  For the pink or blue theme, you can choose receiving blankets, onesies and toys in that color.  My Etsy shop, TheBurlapFlower offers some really cute, handmade blankets that would be perfect in these baskets.  One other tip - fill two small bags with a favorite candy of each of the parents-to-be.  I've found this unexpected surprise is always very appreciated.

4. Arrange the items in the container.  Fill the bottom of the container with something (packing peanuts, crumbled newspaper, etc.).  Cover the filler with a sheet of tissue paper.  Then place the tallest item in back and the shortest items in front.

5.  Finally, place the container in a clear cello shrink wrap gift bag.  (You can find these at Hobby Lobby.)  Then tie the top with curling ribbon.  Then add a simple gift tag.  Then comes the fun part - get out your blow dryer and start from the bottom and the bag will shrink up around your gift.



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