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Monday, June 24, 2013

Handmade Gift Tags

I wanted to try easy-sew gift tags.  I picked a typewriter font and printed a bunch of  to/from tags and cut them apart.

Then I picked some (somewhat) coordinating fabrics from my scrap pile and used pinking shears to cut them in small rectangles.  Then I ironed the rectangles.

I already had large blank tags from Hobby Lobby, so I used those.  Then I sewed my fabric rectangles onto the tags.  Then I sewed the to/from paper on top of the fabric.

 I tried the tag at an angle:

 I learned it doesn't look great if you sew past the fabric, it makes holes in the tag.
 I tried a zig zag stitch on the tag.

I thought about using twine, but I decided on metallic ribbon, for a more dressed up tag look! 

What an adorable, handmade touch to add to any gift!


 If you make any tags - post a pic - I'd love to see them!!

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