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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thank You Hallmark!!!

One of the things I've learned about myself is that I don't just love decorating or sewing or graphic design or crafting or photography - I love all creative projects!  Almost every month Hallmark Greeting Cards has a new contest that their fans can enter.  I have entered the last six or seven contests and I finally got my first win with the "Celebrate Him" contest!!   It has been such a fun process:

1. Planning and thinking about your entry is so fun!

2.  Uploading your entry is exciting.  (Which anyone can do here!)

3.  As Hallmark receives entries, they review them on their facebook page (which they call flurries) and sometimes make comments about your card - I was pretty sure this comment was about mine:  "Hahahahaha! Gonna be looking that up in the A bucket. SInce we're that old."

4.  The morning before they announce the winners, they post "blurries" - all the winning pics, blurred beyond recognition!  I was convinced mine wasn't there.  I even put a comment with a sad face!

5.  Then they called me and I was in shock  - I was like, "what?  really?  wow?  Thank you!"  I'm pretty sure that was the extent of my speech.  I'm guessing I didn't wow them with my wittiness or vocabulary. 

6.  Then you fill out some forms and return them and give them info about yourself and your card and send a picture.  Then they send back "copy" that they write, based on your ramblings.  You have a chance to correct anything, but mine was perfect! 

"Lyndi says one day her boss grabbed a dictionary to look up a word, and Lyndi teased her that the Internet was faster. They had a bona fide contest, but Lyndi's internet was having a glitch and the old-school boss won! It's been a running joke between them ever since. A fun-loving paralegal, Lyndi enjoys reading, tennis, photography, board games, sewing, and spending time with her family, especially her niece."

7.  Then it is a long wait, but about a month later, you get a letter and check in the mail and it is such a great feeling!

Great to have Hallmark's seal of approval!

8.  Then your card is for sale online...by Hallmark...how cool is that?!?  You can buy the card that I created here!!

The last line of Hallmark's letter to me is what I want to leave you with:

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