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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty in Pink Korker Hair Bow

My first korker bow was a 4th of July bow - instructions found here.  I thought it turned out great, so I used some ribbon I already had to make another and try a few different things. 

First change - instead of wrapping the ribbon around the prongs of the clip, I just hot glued ribbon, vertical and flat, to each prong.

Then I wrapped them around dowel rods and baked them at 250° for 20 minutes.

Second change, I cut them into 3 inch pieces instead of 3.5 
(small change, but I think it allows them to fluff better).
Third change - I threaded each piece onto a thread, at the center of each piece

I sewed through the bunch of ribbons several times and then sewed it to the ribbon-covered clip.

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