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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sports Team Spirit T-Shirt Scarf (try saying that five times fast)

1. Happy Spring!!
 2. Happy March Madness!!

I've gotten really into watching Wichita State basketball this year, and they played (and won) on Friday and then played (and won!!!) on Sunday, I wanted something unique to wear - especially to work.  I don't really know how, but I got obsessed with the idea of a t-shirt scarf.  I bought a t-shirt, not knowing what I would do with it.  There were pictures that I liked of t-shirts cut into strips and worn as a rope necklace. But then I decided on a kind of patchwork scarf, so I went back to Goodwill and found about 9 different Wichita State University themed t-shirts. 

After I washed them, I decided on the dimensions 10x90 for the overall scarf, so I just cut pieces of the t-shirts 10 in. wide by varying lengths and laid them out on the floor next to my measuring tape so I would know when I got to 90 inches long.  I also cut corresponding pieces for the "back side" of the scarf.

Then I just sewed right sides together on the front side. Then sewed right sides together on the back side. Then pinned the front and back (right sides together) and sewed each long (90 in.) side.  Then I turned the scarf inside out and was finished! I didn't have to sew the two short sides together because I had used the bottom hem of the t-shirt on the two ends.


I've loved wearing it - it's so cute and comfy and I think it's brought us luck!!
#GoShockers #WatchUs #PlayAngry

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