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Monday, April 6, 2015

Pastel Chevron Tiered Ruffled Toddler Dress

I went to the fabric store to help my mom pick out fabric - I found pastel chevron and could just picture my niece in it! 

For some reason I eschew using a pattern.  I kind of laid out what I had in mind.

I figured I'd make a variation of the tank top bubble dress I have made her before.  I bought a white tank and decided to cut it, about 3 inches below the arm holes.

I had bought half a yard of each color of fabric and knew I wanted tiers. Rather than make a bubble dress,  I hemmed the bottom of each tier.  I cut the longest layer about 16 in. and then made each layer 3 inches shorter than the one below it.

After hemming the bottom, I folded each tier in half, right sides together and sewed the short end, making a circle.

Then I pinned the top of the three tiers together.  Then I sewed a wide stitch a the top and pulled on the bobbin thread to make ruffles and size the skirt.  Then I sewed the skirt to the tank, right sides together.

My niece Hadley looks CRAZY adorable in it!!

Check out next week's post to see the adorable matching headband!!

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