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Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving "Gobble" Tshirt

My mom and I made my niece Hadley a Thanksgiving turkey shirt a few years ago and this year we wanted to make one for my nephew Henry.  We searched online for inspiration and found this:

So we bought a t-shirt and some fall fabric (Henry accompanied us on the trip to get fabric).

And I used Microsoft Word to create a pattern for the letters and the parts of the turkey.

You can have a copy of my pattern here.

Then I cut out the paper patterns.  Then I cut around them on the fabric (some people would trace, then cut, but I didn't want the extra step or to see fabric marker on the edges).

Then my mom took over and used double sided fusible interfacing to attach the letters to the t-shirt.  I really don't understand how to use that stuff.  #maybesomeday  #futureLyndisProject

We think he's going to look craaaazy cute it!!!

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