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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ribbon Turkey T-Shirt

As promised:

You've probably seen this cute Thanksgiving Turkey T-Shirt on Pinterest.  There is still time to make one - you probably have all the things you need in your craft stuff.  It's actually really easy to make! 

For this project you'll need:
1 sheet of brown felt
1 sheet of orange felt
2 small black buttons
brown thread
orange thread
black thread
ribbon - a variety of sizes and colors
sewing machine

First make a pattern for your turkey by tracing two circles, then cut out the pattern:
Cut out the turkey out of brown felt.  Then cut a tiny triangle of orange felt for the beak.  Use your needle and orange thread to sew the beak onto the turkey.  Use your needle and black thread to sew the two button eyes onto the turkey.
My mom, hand-sewing the beak!  Pretty nails, right?

Cut lengths of ribbon and position them, to see what works.  My ribbons were a tiny bit too long, because even after the turkey was sewn over them, they would flop over.  If that happens, you can fix the flop by using spray fabric glue.

Then pin each ribbon onto your t-shirt.  As you can see, my ribbon ended up off center - if possible, try to center your ribbon!
 Then sew the ribbon onto the t-shirt.
Then sew the turkey in the center, covering all the messy stitches.
This is what your finished t-shirt will look like!  Check back in after Thanksgiving to see a VERY cute toddler modeling the shirt!

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