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Monday, November 4, 2013

Turning Inspiration Into Reality

This was my inspiration pic for my new living room.  I love EVERYTHING about it. 
When using an inspiration pic, I think the most important thing to remember is - your room is NOT going to look exactly the same.  My new living room does not have plank flooring, floor to ceiling windows, an ornate, textured, vaulted ceiling or a giant chandelier.  The key to an inspiration room is choosing elements that you like and using those elements in your space.
I liked the casual elegance of this room.  I liked the use of purple, black, white and natural.  I liked the use of metallic/mirrored pieces.  I liked the black coffee table.  And the element of nature brought in with the branch.

My living room:

Not a replica of my inspiration room, but it uses elements from that room. 

By the way, inspiration does not have to come from a picture - it can come from anywhere.  Maybe you're inspired by a swimming pool.  You draw elements that you love - bold turquoise, colorful accents, low to the ground lounge chairs. 

Maybe you're inspired by a library.  You draw out elements that you love - simple wood furniture, highly organized space, quiet and muted tones and lots of books.

Tell me about a room in your house - where did you draw inspiration from?

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