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Monday, June 6, 2016

Modern Striped Succulent Wreath

Modern Striped Succulent Wreath, modern wreath, DIY wreath

Pretty Providence Wreath

While searching for a unique wreath to make on Pinterest - I found  this one and was obsessed with it - I used the Pretty Providence blog instructions to make my own and made my own adjustments in some places.

I got my materials from Hobby Lobby and bought two embroidery hoops, black and white striped fabric (I am using this as an outdoor wreath, so I really wanted to find laminated fabric.  Hobby Lobby had some, but I determined the stripes were too wide), a roll of cork and succulents.  The hoops I used were 4 inches apart and I think that looks about right.

This was way more difficult to make than I expected.  One problem - the cork is pretty thin and tears easily.  Another - the blog says to cut out the circle from cork and fabric and then hot glue the embroidery hoops on.  I tried this and even though I traced around the outside of the hoop, the cork ended up too small.  So I mod podged fabric first then hot glued the hoops on, then cut off the excess, which was really challenging.

With the hardened hot glue right at the edge, it was really difficult to cut the excess off.

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