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Monday, July 10, 2017

Dinosaur Eggs

Henry got a water table from his grandparents (shout out!) for his 3rd birthday.  I started looking for ideas to go along with the water table.  On Pinterest I found several posts about Dinosaur Eggs and I loved the idea.

I bought water balloons and little dinosaurs at Dollar Tree.

Unfortunately it was REALLY hard to get the dinosaurs into those tiny balloons and once in the tiny dino feet and tails kept puncturing holes in the balloons.

I was about to run to the store to get normal size balloons, but then found some better quality water balloons.  It was still REALLY hard to get the dinosaurs into the balloons, but once in, the better quality balloons didn't puncture.

So I put the dinos in and then filled them up with water at the sink.  Then put them straight in the freezer.

We used them about 19 hours later and they were perfectly frozen.

The balloons came off easily and it's so cool that you can see them, suspended in the ice.

We put them one at a time in the water table and used a turkey baster (also from Dollar Tree) to squirt warm water over the ice eggs.

Since it was about 90 degrees out and the water table water was warm, it took, probably under 10 minutes for them to get done.

It was fun watching them be revealed.  The best part was hearing Henry's excited exclamations.

 "They're hatching!"
"They want to be free!"
"They're almost out!"

Fun activity - I definitely recommend it!

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