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Monday, May 20, 2013

Zippered Make-Up Bags

This project included many "firsts" for me - first time using piping, first time with a zipper, first pleat, first project including lining.  So there was a huge learning curve.  I looked at a bunch of instructions online and found a very cute pleated make up bag at Charm Stitch.  I liked the size and the pleat and the overall look of these bags.  I made several, trying to improve my sewing skills and I think they are getting better!  I won't try to do any explanations, as I'm still learning myself, but hopefully this will inspire you to try something in the sewing world you haven't tried yet!!

First Attempt - some unpolished details. 

Second Attempt - This one actually turned out pretty well and is my new makeup bag!

Third Attempt - I tried a plain rectangle bag, turned out well.  It was the most popular, when I showed my mom and sisters.
Fourth Attempt - Still not perfect, so I keep trying!

Share what you've been attempting - even if it's not perfect yet!

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