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Monday, July 15, 2013

Painted Banner - Miss♥To♥Mrs

I saw this banner on Etsy and thought it would be adorable at our Bachelorette Brunch, so I made an attempt!

This banner is for sale on Etsy here.
For this Project you'll need:
foam brush
hole punch
cardstock pieces (My stencils are really tall, so I had to get 4.5 x 6.5, but I like the look of square)
I was trying to replicate what I saw on Etsy, but I didn't think the stencils worked very well.  The paint would get under the stencil and smudge and I don't like the spaces that stencils leave, so I tried to fill those in.  The result was not very crisp or precise lettering. 

To make the hearts, I traced around a cookie cutter, then carefully painted over that and I did like how they turned out.  If I were doing it again, I would print the letters on a printer.  Then I hole-punched each letter and thread a ribbon through - very simple!

It looked better from a distance, at the brunch!



  1. Beautiful banner! Fun time! Perfect Bridal Brunch☺

  2. It turned out very fun, thanks to everyone there!




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