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Monday, March 3, 2014

Watercolor Painting

I do not consider myself an artist and I haven't painted with watercolors since elementary school, but for some reason, the idea kept coming to mind lately.  So I picked up a set of kids watercolors, some brushes and a pack of watercolor paper.  Then I turned on Runaway Bride to play in the background and made an attempt. 
In case you forgot how good it is:
One thing I learned from research is that you're supposed to paint the entire page with water before painting. 
I tried painting around a star, keeping underneath the star white, as a graphic element in the painting, but found I didn't actually like that look.
It was really fun to mix colors and try to add as many layers of color as possible to create an abstract, layered, completely unique piece of art.  I experimented with drops of paint or drops of water, to create organic shapes. 
I've seen art that adds just a touch of gold, so I tried that here.  I didn't have any "gold leaf" on hand, so I used a gold marker.  I like the addition of gold, but I think I'd rather have gold leaf.
I think it's fun and beneficial to let yourself experiment with a new medium occasionally - have you tried anything new lately?

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