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Monday, April 21, 2014

Adorable Kleenex Box Monster

My sister Jordan pinned a picture of this project on the same day I ran out of Kleenex - kismet!  Plus, her birthday is coming up and I knew my gift would fit perfectly.  And I had all the materials to make it in my craft supplies. 

 I figured, who wouldn't want to stick their hand in a monster's mouth to find a gift?!

 For this project you'll need:
empty Kleenex box
white paper cut into teeth
2 coordinating colors of paint
paint brush
empty egg crates or Styrofoam balls
hot glue gun
marker or googly eyes
1. Paint the empty Kleenex box, after taking the plastic stuff out of the top.  I used spray paint and it only took one coat.

2. Then use a paint brush and acrylic paint to add dots.

3.  Cut the teeth out of white paper.

4.  Hot glue the googly eyes onto the Styrofoam balls.

5.  Hot glue the Styrofoam balls onto the top of the box and hot glue the teeth into the box.

Easy to make monster!  What to do with them?  Halloween decorations.  Kids party decorations.  Favor boxes.  Craft project for kids.

What would you do with these adorable monsters?

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