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Monday, August 18, 2014

Craft Room Gallery Wall

I'm crazy excited about this gallery wall! I love it so much!

I wanted everything on the wall to be something I loved, something I made or something that inspires my creativity.

1.  You may or may not know, I was a winner of a Hallmark card contest (you can see my card here) and Hallmark sent me a pre-production flat signed by all the judges.  I found a frame to fit the flat and this was my first piece for the wall.

2.  I found this Tina Fey quote on Pinterest and loved it so much, I wanted it on my wall, so I ordered a 5x7 print of from Walmart.  Every time I read it, I think so true!

 3.  Also looking through Pinterest I saw a pin that said "All I want to do is create things and drink coffee and sleep" - which is totally me, except I drink diet coke, rather than coffee.  So I designed an 8x10 of this just using Microsoft Word and also sent to Walmart to be printed.  The frame came from Goodwill.

4.  Walking through Hobby Lobby one day I fell in love with a pack of stickers (I know, that makes me sound like I'm 5, but... #ItsTheSimpleThingsInLife and #YoungatHeart).  I bought them and a small black canvas to stick one on.  (Who knew they made black canvases!)  I made three pieces for my gallery wall with the sticker pack.  The Believe sticker on black canvas and the gratitude sticker on a frame.

  5.  In Target, walking past the home décor/college décor area and I saw this lighted arrow, that runs on batteries and turns off automatically after 3 hours - I loved it so much.  So much!!  It had to be part of my wall!  At $9.99, it was the most expensive item on the wall - I love the challenge of trying to "design on a dime"!

 6.  I stopped by Goodwill to look for frames for my prints, and walked out with two different sized frames than what I needed.  For this wall, I wanted a mix of colors and textures for the frames.  So far, all I had collected were black frames, but I wanted some wood to bring in a natural element and some gold to bring in a metallic, glitzy element. 

This one, I bought for the frame, intending to get rid of the picture in it, but as looked at it, I loved the little painting that came with the frame.  It inspired me!  And made me wonder who Ray is and what his story is. 

I loved this frame and even liked the metal sign in it (it was an orange, vintage kitchen tin sign), but it wasn't right for my wall.  I wasn't sure what I would actually do with it.  Then inspiration hit to just put in a graphic piece of paper on top of the metal sign.  I love it now.  Further inspiration made me realize I could stick magnets to it, since the metal sign was behind the paper. 

I loved this silver/antique looking frame and used it to frame a photo of my precious nephew Henry that I recently took!
 7.  I decided to add a magnetic dry erase board to use as a "real life Pinboard".  I wanted a plain black square.  I found this one at Target for under $3 - which I thought was an amazing deal!!  I happened to have 2.5 x 2.5 magnets of some of my Instagram photos that I bought from Sticky9 awhile back.  (These are cool, but probably something I could figure out how to make for a lot cheaper.)

8.  I made this colorful frame from upcycled magazines.  You can find the instructions HERE.

 9.  I've seen photos clipped on a cord all around the internet - so I knew it was a trend.  Then in Target, I saw this photo line kit - so that tells me it's a definite trend!  Of course, I wanted to make my own.  I bought cord and mini clothes pins and sent my Instagram pics to Walgreens to be printed. 

I painted my mini-clothespins black - this was a terrible idea.  I submerged them in paint, then dumped them out to dry on a piece of paper.  The paint dried in huge clumps and stuck to the paper and I had to use pliers to get them to open.  Note to self - next time buy little black clips.  (Although I do like how they turned out - they were just a pain!) 

10. Metal camera art - I found this at Michael's in the dollar bins, and since I love photography, it fit very well with my wall!

11. Chalkboard - I love this piece so much!! You can see how I made it HERE.

There may be more additions - but for now - my craft room is more inspiring, happier and more "me" than ever! 

Which piece is your favorite?

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