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Monday, December 1, 2014

Painted Canvas Nativity Backdrop

star of bethlehem on painted canvas, paint a background for nativity set
I bought my first ever Nativity set this year - from Hobby Lobby.  I went in not really knowing what style I wanted.  I didn't want anything too formal or anything too whimsical.  Something in-between.
And I think these are just perfect - I LOVE that it looks like they're all wearing sweaters - even the animals!

So I placed them on top of this bookcase.  And thought the setting looked stark, boring, disappointing, diminutive...  It was lacking something.  I considered buying a stable for them, but decided that was a purchase for a future year.  I don't need to spend all my Christmastime money on new nativity accessories!

After briefly considering building a nativity, I came up with a different idea.  I had a canvas lying around and decided to paint a backdrop.  I looked online for ideas.  I decided to keep it simple and paint a night sky.

So, I got out black, white and navy paint, on a professional palette....or a Styrofoam plate... and a foam brush and a cup of water (the M & M's and bowls are for a different activity) and settled in in front of...
The Voice!

And just had fun mixing colors and adding in layers of color!  (Obviously I had enough to drink - Freddy's soda and Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate!)

I was very happy with how it turned out and once it dried I had one more touch to add.
The star of Bethlehem!  I happened to have a silver leaf foil pen from another project and that is what I used for this.  I found a star shape I liked online, re-sized it and used an exacto knife to cut the shape out.  Then I used the colored in the open shape in the paper.

♪♫ O Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie...♫♪♪


  1. I have (and LOVE) this same Nativity! I am going to copy your backdrop but I think I'll add a silhouette of the manger as well. Thanks for the idea!


    1. That's cool that we have the same one!! Something else that you might want to try (I've learned since writing this post) is if you take an old toothbrush, dipped lightly in white paint and then run your finger on the brush over the canvas, it flicks tiny white dots that end up looking like tiny stars. Have fun creating!




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