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Monday, February 2, 2015

THREE Year Old Photo Shoot

photo holdingup letters

Each year, I have taken pictures of my niece, Hadley, holding up the letters of her age and then created one image showing the whole word. 

Each year has presented unique challenges  (getting a two year old to sit still, corralling a three year old at a park, etc.) but it's always so fun and so worth the end result!  (My assistants, my sister Jordan and my mom and I are always worn out afterwards!)  The other difficulty is choosing which pictures to use.  These were options that I didn't use.

For this project I use wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and paint them white.  I save them and have been able to re-use some letters each year!
1:  O N E
2: T W   
3: H R   
4: F U   
5: I V   
6: S X  
8: G   


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