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Monday, March 9, 2015

Teddy Bear Hooded Towel

DIY hooded teddy bear towel, hooded bath towel

Last weekend was snowy, so it gave me time to enjoy my fireplace and sew this adorable teddy bear hooded towel.

I found this tutorial at Crazy Little Projects and am crazy impressed with how many of these towels she's made/created. 

This is a project that forced me to try something new, which I love.  I've never done an "applique stitch" and in fact, I thought it was a fancy setting that my sewing machine didn't have.  But it's just a really tight zig zag stitch.
For this project you'll need:
1 full size tan towel
1 tan hand towel
dark brown fabric (I used a washcloth)
black fabric (I used felt)
white fabric (I used felt)
black, white, tan thread
the pattern found on Crazy Little Projects


I won't go through every step, but will explain the pictures.  The first step is to cut the hand towel in half.

Then you pin and sew the finished side about 4 inches under.
Then you do all the steps to make the face. 

Here's where the applique stitch comes in handy.

I'm excited to give this to my nephew Henry at Easter.  I am thinking this cute face:

plus this cute face:
is going to equal cuteness overload!!

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