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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch

We had such a lovely Mother's Day Brunch this weekend.  My mom felt loved and honored and I had so much fun pulling it together!

I created the electronic invitation using the website Canva.  I used my mom's favorite flower - the peony - as the inspiration for the entire brunch.
I shopped two Goodwills and Paramount Antique Mall for vintage plates.  I wanted them to be all different, but to coordinate and to fall in line with the theme of pink peonies.  I had SO much fun hunting for these!

At Goodwill I also picked up a vase for the flowers, a tablecloth and cloth napkins. 
(All for around $5.00)  
I searched the internet for a unique way of folding the napkins and came up with this rose.

I ordered souffles and pastries from Panera - have you guys used the rapid pick up before?  It was amazing.  I had time to look online and pick what I wanted.  I picked the location and time I wanted it ready.  I placed the order and paid online earlier in the week.  Then on Saturday morning, I walked in the store, saw my order on a shelf right inside the door and picked it up and walked out. It could not have been easier!  The souffles were amazing.

The pastries were amazing too.

We had mimosas (you can't have a special occasion brunch without them) and coffee.

Henry and Nami

One of my favorite things about the day - the peonies.  My mom and I both love them.  Early in the week I started thinking that I don't know anyone with bushes I can cut from.  A flower shop would charge a fortune.  So then I had the idea that maybe the farmer's market that is open every Saturday would have some.  I looked at the vendor profiles online and found one vendor, Prairie Earth, that sold plants and had some pictures of peonies, so I decided to email the owner and ask if they sold cut peonies.  He responded that they only sold peony plants but he could cut a dozen and bring them to the market for me and quoted a very fair price.  I was so thankful - it was perfect!

We missed my sister Jordan and her family, but other than that it was a perfect day! 
Lyndi, Debbie, Laura

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  1. How Wonderful and fun, she is truly blessed. Love and hugs!
    Carla Showers




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