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Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Table

Exactly 1 week before Christmas, I realized I was in charge of our Christmas table decor.

I love how it turned out and I'm very proud that it was done entirely with 1. things I had, 2. things I bought at Goodwill and 3. things I made.

Of course I wanted it to go with my Christmas theme of evergreen, plaid and Oh Holy Night.

1. Things I Had
Instead of buying a table cloth, I decided to use a roll of plain brown wrapping paper.
I also used wrapping paper (Michael's dollar bins) as a napkin ring, with a little wooden pine tree (Target Dollar Spot) attached.
Plates, forks, cups, plain white napkins, etc. were also things I had.

2. Things I Bought at Goodwill
I bought three things at Goodwill as possibilities for table centerpieces, because I couldn't decide what I wanted, they were only a few dollars each and I've learned at Goodwill that if you don't buy something when you see it - it'll be gone next time you go.

Ivory tin with greenery

Green wood box filled with pinecones

3 foot greenery

I had a flash of inspiration at the store that the ivory tin might look good in the wooden box (if I could fix the cheesiness of one side of the box). And when I tried it at home I really liked how it looked.

3. Things I Made
I put the napkin rings together
I made placemats with the text Oh Holy Night

I made name cards with my watercolor to digital technique

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