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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Projects From the Past Year

Most recent - I wanted a place to hang my keys, right when I walked in the door. I layered three pieces of cardstock as a background and then put up a 2 prong hook from Hobby Lobby.

My Home Office



Floating Shelf - Clear tumblers filled with colorful office supplies became a great place for storage and create a colorful focal point.

Christmas Trees - I decorated my small tree with LOTS of lights, a colorful snowflake garland, and glittery champagne colored ornaments.

My tree (a hand-me-down from my parents) didn't have a tree stand, so I used a flower pot, still filled with dirt and ivy as the base, I also put a copper colored charger under the tree.

Diet Coke Necklace - I LOVE diet Coke - I used a small heart punch to cut the area of the empty soda can that I wanted.

Glass Block Lamp - I saw one of these lamps at RiverFest and wanted to try making one - I don't love how this one turned out, but it was an experiment.

Experiment with making my own bubble bath - the formula for the bubble bath didn't turn out great (not enough bubbles) but I LOVE the packaging I came up with! I love the personalized label!

Spring Flower Arrangement in my Living Room



  1. Lyndi, you are SOOOOO creative~ Love looking at your ideas.

  2. Thank you!! I love having a place to share my projects!!

  3. What was the formula for the bubble bath? Let me guess: Was it made from soap, meaning actual soap soap, as opposed to imitation soapless "soap"?




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