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Monday, May 27, 2013

Easy Felt Envelope Pouch

felt envelope for kids at a wedding

My sister Laura's wedding is coming up in a few weeks.  I am in charge of the kids activity books for the reception (which I will share about in a later post - here).  After I finished the books - I needed crayons!  The smallest packs of crayons in stores were 8 packs which were .99¢.  I needed approximately 24 packs = $24.00.  PLUS, the kids would only get red, green, blue, etc.  So I decided to buy a big pack of crayons and divide them into bags.  My first thought was Ziploc snack bags  - but that isn't me!  Creative details are my favorite thing - so I started searching online for easy, small pouches to make.  I stumbled across the idea of an "envelope pouch" AND the idea of using felt, which doesn't fray and is inexpensive.  PERFECT!!  So instead of $24.00, the total cost of my project is about $17.00 and much cuter!!
You need:
   felt - I was able to make two pouches out of one piece of felt
   sewing supplies
   Velcro (you could, of course, use buttons or snaps, but since this project is for kids, I chose Velcro)
    buttons (for decorative purposes only)

I folded the felt lengthwise and cut it in half.  Then I positioned the crayons where I wanted them.

Then I folded in half lengthwise again and cut one of the corners.  The felt I got is really thick and hard to cut through a double layer.  I tried rounded edges and straight - both look good. 
The dimensions ended up at about 4.5 inches wide and 10 inches tall (at the highest point).

I discovered it is SO much easier to sew the Velcro on before sewing up the edges

Then sew the two sides (I used my sewing machine, but hand sewing would be fine too) and sew the Velcro onto the flap.  I don't know if it matters, but I put the fuzzy part of the Velcro on the envelope flap and the hard loop side on the envelope. 


Then I hand sewed a pretty button onto the flap.

Like most of my projects, they aren't perfect,  but I love them! 

And I think the pretty felt pouches will be a big improvement on the box!  What do you think?


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