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Monday, May 6, 2013

11x14 Photo Collage for Under $5

I love taking pictures and I've always documented the world around me.  When I finally got a smart phone and Instagram, I started taking even more everyday pictures. 
I'm wearing new slippers from Target - picture. 
I am walking into the movie theater - picture.

I'm playing Scrabble - picture.

My adorable niece is wearing the Santa pjs I gave her and trying to brush her own hair...picture!

  You get the idea.
   I wanted to find a way to display these photos - they all remind me of life,
my favorite things and memories. 
I got really excited when I discovered Prinstagram (a company that prints your Instagram pics). 
They will print a poster collage or will print little squares, which are adorable. 
But, their poster collages are expensive.  Shipping is expensive.  I saw blogs about taping the little square pictures together in order to make a collage and knew I would struggle with that
(I have trouble with straight lines).
So I came up with my own alternative.  I used Picasa (which is a great, free software to have)
and created my own collage.
After experimenting, I ended up using the dimensions 20x16 and 30 pictures.  I adjusted the grid spacing until it looked right to me.  I saved that collage as a jpg and then ordered an 11x14 poster of that collage from Walmart's photo center.
The quality turned out great and the best part is:
poster print shipped to my office                                                      $2.93
11x14 frame (found on a local Buy Sell Trade Facebook group)      $2.00
Total Cost of this Project:                                                              $4.93
 A special thanks to Target, Toys to Treasure, Imax/Bill Warren, my Mom, The Twilight Marathon, Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch, Burlap Christmas Garland, Christmas Hadley, The Bible, Diet Coke, my cousins Ashley and Bethany, Trivial Pursuit, my mom and grandma, Scrabble, Laura and Josh, Jingle the Husky Pup/Hallmark, Christmas, Laura playing carols, Jordan and Lance, Christmas Hadley, brushing Hadley, globe, presents, I ♥ You Because... Chalkboard, my Oscars party, Snowman named Richard Parker, Charisma hair salon, sweet Hadley, my dining room, and my Dad holding sleepy Hadley for being some of my favorite people, things and memories!!

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