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Monday, May 13, 2013

EASY Toddler Dress

I wanted to make my niece, Hadley, a simple, soft, comfy, everyday dress, so I bought a plain white tank top (size 24 months) and 1/4 yard of soft, knit, turquoise fabric. 
Tank - $2.44 from Wal-Mart
1/4 yard knit fabric - $1.12 from JoAnn's Fabric
Total Cost - UNDER $4 - amazing!
The first step was to wash both the tank and fabric (I think the reason is, if they are going to shrink, you want them to shrink before you sew them.)
The width was perfect at 1/4 yard and for the length, measure around the entire bottom of the tank, then double that. 

Fold the width in half, then fold the length in half and sew the two short ends together, making a circle.

Then stitch along the top edge, using your widest stitch setting, leaving long strings.  Pull the bottom string to ruffle the fabric. 
Then pin and sew the ruffled edge to the bottom of the tank. 
You can flip it over and either leave it or add a top stitch along the seam.  The dress is almost perfect, but still needed something. 
Out of the leftover knit fabric, I made a rosette to add.  Cut 5 big circles (about 2 1/4 inches in diameter) and 8 small circles (about 1 1/2 inches in diameter).  Use one big circle as the base.  Take a big circle and fold in half, then fold in half again.  You have a little pie-shape.  Sew (I used a needle and thread and sewed by hand) that to your base circle and do the same with 3 more big circles.  Sew those down to the base, near the center.  Then do the same process with the small circles.  I sewed mine to the tank, but you could also hot glue to a pin and pin it on.

It looked so cute on her and she is the cutest model in the world!!

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