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Monday, July 8, 2013

Wedding Activity Book for Kids

I searched the internet and when I didn't find any that I really loved, I decided to make my own!  It was really quite easy!  I started by folding post-its into book pages so I could get an idea of what sides would go where (I know that is a terrible sentence).  See below.
This helped me realized I only needed two sheets of paper per book. 
When designing, here is the order:
Back - Cover
Page 1 - Page 6
Page 5 - Page 2
Page 3 - Page 4
Steps in Microsoft Word:
  Page Layout>Orientation - Set to Landscape
  Page Layout>Margins>Custom Margins - .2
  Page Layout>Columns - Two
I designed the cover (first page, column two) using a text box and insert shapes.  For the little hearts in the date, I used Alt3.  ♥
Then I searched the web to find coloring pages or activities.  I actually did the connect the number page myself, using a bunch of tiny text boxes!
Here are some of the links I used:

When printing:
Choose Print on Both sides of Page, flip on short side.
Final steps are to fold and bind.  I decided to use two holes and a ribbon as binding.

how to make a wedding activity book for kids, wedding coloring book for kids
Now all we need are crayons!  To see instructions for the pretty felt envelope pouch I made to hold crayons, click here!


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