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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hand Painted Glasses

My sister Jordan decided to make painted glasses for the Bachelorette Brunch we planned for our sister Laura.  She is very artistic and did an amazing job hand-painting the glasses.  She let me make a few but hand-drawing with no pattern made me nervous!
For this Project you'll need:
a selection of paints
fine paint brushes
rubbing alcohol
q-tips/cotton balls

The rubbing alcohol and cotton balls are for when you make mistakes - they are a great eraser!
Get your palette ready - this is a fun part - it makes you feel like a real artist!
Jordan was painting and I was still trying to figure out a pattern!
It maybe helped a little.
We also wrote words on them, which was pretty difficult.
Jordan hand painted an exact replica of the flower girl dress on this cup - amazing!
We added a rose to the bottom.
We researched and found that to "cure" the glasses (make them safe to wash) you could put them into a cold oven, heat them up, then let them cool while still in the oven OR wait 21 days.  Since we didn't want any explosions and we didn't actually need them for 21 days, we went with that option.
Everyone loved them!


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