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Monday, August 5, 2013

Keys to a Happy Marriage Vignette

What is it about old-looking keys that is so enticing?  When I see an old skeleton key, I feel like it could open anything.  It definitely unlocks my imagination!

I think old keys fit in perfectly as a theme in a wedding.  Your new spouse "holds the key to your heart."  Metaphorically speaking, the wedding itself is a key, unlocking a door into your future together. 
For my sister Laura's wedding - I really wanted to incorporate keys.  I decided to ask guests to give marriage advice to the couple with a "Keys to a Happy Marriage" vignette.  I found great-looking keys at Michaels in the dollar bins (and sometimes they were 50% off!).  I also found a jar of random keys at an estate sale.  Antique stores would be great places to look, but it would take time to comb through them - which I didn't have. 
I found simple paper cutouts at Michaels and tied them to the keys with pink and ivory ribbon. 
I printed the title and instructions and put them in frames with fun paper behind them. 

I found this at Hobby Lobby on sale and loved how it matched the theme and colors of this vignette.

This is the vignette in place at the reception.  I found a branch outside and a small gold pot at an estate sale.  I used Plaster of Paris to cement the branch into the pot and then put decorative diamonds at the top of the pot.

The keys look amazing hanging on a branch.

What "Keys to a Happy Marriage" advice would you write to the bride and groom?




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