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Monday, August 12, 2013

Photo Booth Props

You've made your adorable photo booth - (or if you haven't click HERE) - now you need props!  I found some great deals at Party City - top hats, oversized sunglasses, boas, masks, necklaces, etc.  I also wanted some lips and mustaches!  Those were definitely a DIY project for me. 

For this Project you'll need:
dowel rods
hot glue gun
I found several templates for mustaches and lips:
There are plenty more online and you can draw them, if you are an artist (I'm not!).
I cut out the shapes I wanted to use from the template, then I traced around them on the back of my felt.  I used felt with a sticky side and a peel off backing, but left the backing on, to give it more stability.

Then I cut them out and hot glued them to dowel rods.

 The turned out ADORABLE!

Which prop is your favorite? 

1 comment:

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