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Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby Doll Blankets

My adorable niece Hadley turned 18 months old recently and she is really into taking care of her dolls and stuffed animals right now.  She gives them rides on her little scooter and tells them goodbye and gives them a drink from her sippy cup occasionally.  I had some fleece leftover from my baby blanket projects, so I decided to make her some blankets for her dolls!
how to make small blankets for dolls

It was a great opportunity to experiment with different blanket-making methods I had read about. 
For the lavender fleece, I cut it about a half inch larger than the flannel and turned that half inch over and pinned it as the binding.  I hadn't yet tried mitered corners, so I tried that with this blanket.
This is how the corners look cut, but not yet sewed.
Finished blanket:
For the pink fleece, I made the flannel piece about an inch larger all the way around than the flannel. 
Then I folded in half, then folded in half again and pinned to make the binding.
Finished blanket:
Then I decided to take two flannel pieces and sew them right sides together, leaving about a 2 inch opening.
I cut the corners, so they lay better when I turn it right side out.
Then I turned it - I love this part - it's like a metamorphosis!
Then I used a skewer to poke the corners into place and then ironed the seams down.  Then I sewed the 2 inch opening.
Now I had three coordinating blankets and inspiration hit me to add a pillow!  I had white satin material and poly fill leftover from these ring bearer pillows I made, so I used that to make a doll pillow.

I loved how this project turned out and I hope Ariel, penguin and dolly enjoy them!

It was so precious to watch Hadley play with the blankets - she would give her baby it's pretend bottle then tuck her in!

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