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Monday, August 19, 2013

Ring Bearer Pillow - Sew Your Own!

You can find ring bearer pillows from $10 (Wal-Mart) to $110 (Etsy).  My sister Laura asked me to make a very simple version.  Besides costing less than the ones she found in stores, it added a personal, handmade touch. 

I didn't have any instructions, I just thought about simple ring bearer pillows that I've seen (I've seen more than you would think, as I spend most weekends photographing weddings!). 
For this Project, you'll need:
fabric (white, satin polyester blend)  -
I bought a yard for $2.99, but 1/4 yard would have been enough
Polyfill stuffing  - $2.99
Pretty button - $2.99
Ribbon - $1.99
Sewing machine
Needle and embroidery floss
Tulle or elastic (optional)

I made a pattern on paper that was a 9.5 by 9.5 square.  I pinned it to the fabric and cut out two squares.  Then I ironed the squares.  I found the center of one square and hand sewed the pretty button onto the right side.  Most ring bearer pillows have an elastic strap on the back, for the ring bearer to hold.  I didn't have elastic, so I used tulle ribbon.  I sewed the tulle ribbon to the right side of the other square.


Then pin right sides together.  Then sew, with a 1/2 in margin, leaving about 4 inches open.
Turn the pillow right side out, then fill with the polyfill. 
Sew the 4 inch opening closed (probably the most difficult step).  My best tips are to:  iron the seam, push the filling away from the seam and pin the seam. 
The final step is to wrap ribbon around the button and tie it in a knot. 

Here is the final result!  What do you think?

Of course, it helps if you have adorable ring bearers to carry the pillows!


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