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Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite Things Gift Exchange

At a Christmas party with a group of friends, we decided to do a favorite things gift exchange.  Kind of like Oprah.  We didn't have to draw names or shop for a specific person or wrap the presents. 

We just chose something that we love and bought 3 of them (they had to be under $6 each). 

Then at the party, we wrote our name on 3 slips of paper and then drew three names that would be the recipient of our 3 gifts!  The gifts at my party were EOS chap stick, a Ghirardelli peppermint bar, fine tip Sharpie pens, snowman ornaments and a mason jar drinking glass.  It was so fun, sharing our favorite things and making people happy. 

As the hostess, I made gift bags for people to take home their gifts in and it was my first time using washi tape - I love it!
I actually wanted to print on the bags, but they were way too thick for my printer, so I went to plan B and printed my design on normal white paper and tried out my new washi tape.

Another great thing is - this exchange doesn't need to be at Christmastime - you can plan a Favorite Things party any time of the year!

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