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Monday, January 6, 2014

∞Infinity Scarves∞

Jordan, modeling her new scarf!
Hadley, modeling Jordan's scarf!
My sister Jordan requested an infinity scarf (above), so I started researching them and making practice scarves.  Here is what I discovered:

1.  Use soft, lightweight fabric - knit or flannel.  Jordan had a specific look she wanted and I could only find cotton fabric and that turned out well, just a bit more stiff than other fabrics.

2.  My first attempt ended up too wide, but not long enough.  Length is probably the most important part of the scarf. 14 x 67.5 is what worked for me, but it is really a matter of preference.  H is for Handmade is the tutorial I used and she prefers 22 x 63.

3.  Cut two lengths of fabric 14 x 67.5 each - these can be the same fabric or coordinating fabrics

4.  Lay right sides together and sew the two long ends, leaving a 3 inch opening on one side.  Be sure to backstitch before and after the opening. 

5.  Reach through the tube of fabric and pull the short end through, until the two short ends meet.

6.  Sew all the way around the short ends.

7.  Pull the scarf though the opening.

8.  Hand stitch the opening closed, using a ladder stitch.

The planning is the most work - once you know the fabric you'll use and the right length - it is very easy to make!

My mom, front row, modeling an infinity scarf I made for her - gray fabric with silver metallic chevron print.
That is me, top center with my gorgeous family around me!

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