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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sock Puppets

Ok, normally I would be the first one making fun of sock puppets, but my 2 year old niece has started putting socks on her hands for fun and I thought she would really enjoy having a face on them!
how to make sock puppets, cute sock puppets
For this project you'll need:
long fuzzy socks (check Goodwill - I found mine for 29¢)
cardboard (the kind you can find in your kitchen - granola bar box, cereal box, brownie mix box)
felt (for the inside of the mouth, whatever color you choose)
hot glue gun
pom poms
googly eyes (optional)

Step 1:  Cut off the toe of the sock.

Step 2: Make an oval felt-cardboard-felt sandwich approximately 3 x 4.5in. by hot gluing felt to both sides of the cardboard.

Step 3:  Fold the oval sandwich in half and hot glue it into the open toe end of the sock.
For the second one I made, I used foam, rather than the felt and cardboard for the mouth - both work well, the foam is more flexible.

Step 4:  Using your glue gun, add eyes, nose, ears and any other feature you want.
DIY sock puppets

DIY dino sock puppet, cute sock puppet

DIY sock puppet
Step 5:  Have fun playing!
We named them Petunia (left) and Buster (right)!

Hadley had fun putting them on her feet! 

No picture, but we had the best time having the puppets try to eat a straw paper and Hadley pulling it out of their mouths! 

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