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Monday, July 21, 2014

Unique Bracelet Components - Sequins and Paper

My boss brought me this bracelet from Turks & Caicos and I love that some of the beads are made from paper. 
I love the novelty of it and the idea that a piece of paper can become a wearable piece of  jewelry.  So I set out to make my own paper beads.
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For this project you'll need:
paper (12x12 scrapbook or magazines)
mod podge & foam brush
scissors, pencil, ruler
elastic thread

On your paper make looooong thin trapezoids (you can make triangles, but I like the look of the beads better with trapezoids). 

This is what I mean by loooong thin trapezoids. 
Your lines should look like this all the way across the page.
Cut out the trapezoids and roll each one tightly around the skewer, starting with the larger end.  Glue
with mod podge, every few inches.  Then seal the smaller end down with mod podge and let dry.  I added clear nail polish, but I think mod podge is sufficient.
Then you are ready to design your bracelet.  Thread your beads onto your elastic thread and tie a knot when it's the right size.
Once my paper beaded bracelet was done, I decided I needed a few more bracelets to make a set!
how to make paper beads, beads from scrapbook paper, upcycled bracelet
To make a sequin bracelet - you need fine motor skills and time. And patience. And sequins.

I threaded my sequins directly onto the elastic thread, but I think it would be easier if you had a needle (none of mine had eye openings large enough for my elastic thread to fit through). 
I thought it turned out really pretty and unique!

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