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Monday, September 7, 2015

String Art

I've been seeing string art everywhere!  I wanted to try making a piece and I thought the perfect place to test it out was in Hadley's room with a little heart.  It adds amazing texture to a gallery wall.  

They're pretty simple to make.  You figure out your base.  (Determine the size and color of wood block you need and paint/stain/cut to get it prepared.)  I started with a pretty thin piece of wood and it split in a few places from the nails, so I had to get a thicker piece.  I painted mine white with spray paint.

Then you create a template using Word.  
Then you just put your paper over the wood and start nailing.  I used white paneling nails from Walmart.

Then you begin stringing.  The first and last piece are tricky because they need to be glued.  Before the randomness, I went around the outline of the heart.  After that, it's just random stringing!

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