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Monday, September 21, 2015

Colorful Circle Wall Art

DIY wall art

The picture above was my inspiration. I knew I wanted to replicate it, so I did some experimenting.  My first thought was to design it on the computer and have it printed.  I decided against this for two reasons: I really wanted it 12x12 and the only printing options were expensive and would have to be shipped to me, making them time consuming and in my inspiration, there is more color variation and texture within each circle.  So I decided to look for a new method.

I thought maybe to get the look I wanted, I needed to use water.  I also thought it would be easiest to use a hole punch to make a stencil and then paint within the stencil.  

Experimenting with punching out the circles and painting them with watercolors.

Finally I settled on punching out circles and painting them with acrylic paint.  I did a lot of paint mixing to achieve different shades.  It was really fun and made me feel like an artist!!

This part of the project was less artist and more engineer.  There was a lot of measuring involved.  

Yea - all the measuring is done and I get to arrange all the colorful circles!

36 circles were needed - I made what felt like 100, but as I was placing I rejected some if they were too similar to other colors.  So I ended up going back to the painting step to make 8 more.

Yea - they're all made and in their places.  That one - second row, five from the left - I used my gold leaf pen to do that one.  

After the pic above, I used double sided glue dots to attach each dot in place.  Then I found a white square 12x12 frame at Michael's.

Here it is all put together:

And here it is in it's place on my niece Hadley's gallery wall!!!

I think it's such a fun, cheery room!!

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