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Monday, January 25, 2016

Office Gallery Wall

what to hang on my office walls, office decor
I've been gathering things for a gallery wall to put up in my office at work for...probably a year.  I've had this sketch sitting around for...quite awhile.

Then I got this amazing frame for Christmas (thank you Mom!!!).  It has 16 openings for 4x4 Instagram photos (I loooooooove to display Instagram pics) and that spurred me to action.
I laid everything out and edited and rearranged.  In fact, I wasn't happy with some of the pieces, so I found an 8x10 wooden frame I had bought at Goodwill and painted it with a mix of navy and black chalk paint and then pulled out a pack of stickers I had and a piece of cardstock and made the piece at the bottom left in an hour.

This is the "before" pic of the blank wall in my office.

Here is a GREAT tip for hanging things on your wall (and it's extra easy when that wall is in an office) - make a photocopy of the back of the frame.  Then tape that copy up on the wall and you can rearrange without putting a bunch of holes in the wall and see exactly where the nails need to go.

From the top down:

1. You can see all about how I made the Embroidery Hoop Bunting Wall Art in this link.
2. As mentioned above, I received this for Christmas, which can be found here and had some of my favorite Instagram pictures printed by Walgreens - who make it super easy.
3. In this blog link, you can see the creative process for the Whatever (Philippians 4:8) Print and in this link to my Etsy shop you can buy your own downloadable Whatever print.
4. I bought the adorable arrow from a local Old Town shop, Lucinda's, at a sidewalk sale.  
5. I elevated the clipboard by adding gold leaf to the clip, which you can read more about here.
6. And as mentioned before, I threw the final piece together at the last minute.

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